Siberian Husky Breed Information


working group, bred in Siberia and Alaska as sledding and working dogs.
Typically between 20-24 inches tall and between 40-65 pounds, this is an intelligent breed with a short, thick coat that requires only regular brushing to maintain. Colors range from black/white, red/white, copper/white, agouti/white, gray/white and have either brown or blue eyes or split eyes. This is an extremely athletic dog that does require regular exercise and training at an early age. They are loyal and good with children and other animals. Average lifespan is 10-14 years.

siberian husky sweetheart

siberian husky, black, white, blue eyes

siberian husky, blk

siberian husky, red and white pup

siberian pup, b,w with blue eyes

siberian pup

siberian, blk, white

siberian, blue eyes