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A popular breed, the Golden is an oversized lap dog. With a tail that never stops wagging, they are great with the kids and extremely gentle. Widely used by Seeing Eye and handicap services they are intelligent and easy to train. The Golden Retriever ranges in size from fifty to eighty pounds with a height of twenty one to twenty four inches. Their color is of course golden with different shade variations.

sporting group, bred in Great Britain for hunting
Typically 20-25 inches and 50-80 pounds, they come in the colors: dark golden, medium golden, light golden. Shorter coat with feathering on the legs, chest and tail, they do shed but require no professional grooming. This is an “eager to please” breed that loves it’s family and wants to part of everything. They love to swim, hike and play and are great with children and other pets. This breed is used by seeing eye and handicapped services due to their intelligence and versatility. Their tail is always wagging and they love attention and affection. Typically live 10-14 years.

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