English Bulldog Breed Information

non-sporting group, bred in England to “bait the bulls”
This is a short, heavy dog with a short coat that sheds minimal. They typically are 12-15 inches tall and between 40-60 pounds with any color combination allowed. This breed is lazy, sweet, friendly and does well with anyone looking for a dog that does not much other than sleep and lay around. They require minimal grooming and exercise and do well in any lifestyle. They are difficult to breed and whelp, almost always requiring artificial insemination and c-section delivery making them very expensive compared to other breeds. They do not do well in the heat of summer and can get heatstroke. They have a tendency to snore, fart and drool. They have a corkscrew tail. Average lifespan is 6-11 years.

E bulldog male

english bulldog

english Bulldog2

english bulldog red brindle

English Bulldog wrinkles

english bulldog white

english bulldog pup, brindle

english bulldog pups


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