Doberman Pinscher Breed Information

Working group, bred in Germany as guard dogs
Between 55-90 pounds and 24-28 inches tall, this breed is extremely intelligent, easy to train, is athletic, and makes an excellent companion for an active family or adult. They are good watchdogs, have a very short coat that is easy to care for and sheds minimal. The tail is docked, the ears are either naturally floppy or cropped. This is a breed for someone that is looking for a highly intelligent companion to spend time with. They come in a solid color of black, red, fawn, or blue and always have rust markings. Typically live 10-14 years

An impressive German bred dog, they are extremely intelligent, alert and agile. They make excellent pets, but do require regular exercise to prevent boredom. They weigh in at sixty to eighty pounds and twenty three to twenty eight inches high.

dobie puppy, blk and rust

dobie, black and rust

dobie, red

doberman, black and rust