Breeders Club of America Middletown NJ is a puppy kennel with a wide selection of Pure Breed Puppies and Designer Mixed Breed Puppies.Our kennel is located in Middletown New Jersey and open 7 days a week. Breeders Club of America Middletown NJ offer several services when buying a puppy. We offer Free Dog Training,Free Shots and Wormings,Micro Chipping and Life Time Health Warranties.

Breeders Club of America Middletown NJ has Dog Trainers on Staff 7 days a week. Please contact a Trainer for more information,pricing and services on all the Puppies. We sell over 25 Puppies a week so our selection changes on a daily basis here at Breeders Club of America Middletown NJ. Along with many puppies finding home we have new puppies delivered daily by professional Dog Breeders county wide.

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Free Lifetime Dog Training

All Puppies Come with *Free Lifetime Dog Training Services. We start you off with a feeding and housebreaking guideline, to help get you started with the housebreaking process. We also keep in touch with you, offering aid in the training process. We start basic obedience at 4 (four) months of age. Working our way from Basic Obedience, up to perimeter training, hand signals, and off leash training. The Training services are free for the entire life of the puppy into adulthood. If you have already gotten a Puppy and want to take advantage of the Training, please Contact us.

Lifetime Health Warranties

All Puppies also come with *Extensive Written Lifetime Health Warranties. We not only give you *New Jersey State Law, but we also go above and beyond! This puppy comes with: *2 Week Money Back Health Warranty (NJ State Law) *6 Months Money Back Health Warranty (NJ State Law) *4 Year Replacement Health Warranty *Hip Dysplasia Health Warranty *Temperament Health Warranty *Lifetime Health Warranties

Shots and Wormings

All Puppies *permanent shots and wormings are completed and up to date. All shots and wormings are permanent shots and wormings, not temporary. All shots and wormings are up to date and age appropriate for each puppy.


All Puppies are also *micro-chipped. Having your puppy micro-chipped is of great advantage. Now, if you've registered the micro-chip to you and your family, the puppy can be more easily traced back to you. Helping reconnect you and your family with your puppy sooner.

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Are you looking for something specific? Maybe a certain color or certain markings? Our Kennel offers *Special Ordering! You can tell one of our trainers exactly what you're looking for in the specific breed, gender, color, bone structure and we can locate a puppy for you! Maybe it's the timing you're working on. With our Special Ordering you can tell us when you're looking for the puppy and we can make it happen! Simply stop into our Kennel at your earliest convince and talk with one of our trainers on staff!

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*Breeders Club of America, Inc. offers financing for your convenience so you can take your family member home the same day. We offer financing through Mariner Finance.Mariner Finance have appealing promotions/rates and the application can be processed in just a few minutes while you wait. The hardest part of the process is selecting which new, best friend you want to take home! * No Annual Fee * Instant Credit Approval * Low Minimum Monthly Payments * Deferred Interest and Payment Plans Stop into our licensed kennel during regular business hours and our staff can assist you. *restrictions apply, see store and application for details*Restrictions and Limitations apply, see contract and store for details*

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