Boxer Breed Information

Working group. German bred. Guard dog
Typically 20-25 inches and 45-75 pounds, they have a short coat with minimal shedding. Docked tail and either naturally floppy ears or cropped ears. Colors are fawn, brindle with or without white markings. Extremely intelligent, easy to train, great companion animal for a family or active adult. Great watchdog that is athletic and good with kids and other animals. Typically live 10-14 years.

The Boxer’s physique is reduced and effective. The head is in extent with the form. The gag is short and limit with a different stop. The nose is extensive and dark with extremely open nostrils. The jaw has an under nibble. The eyes are dim tan. The ears are situated high, either edited or kept regular. The point when edited they are prepared to stand up on the head, decreasing to a focus. The point when left characteristic the ears are slim, falling forward, lying near the head. The neck ought to be adjust, solid and bulky, without a dewlap. The brawny front legs are straight and parallel when seen from the front. The back legs are decently ripped. The tail is situated high and typically docked. The Akc intensely punishes a regular tail, while the vast majority of Europe has prohibited this practice. Dewclaws are as a rule uprooted. The short, smooth, snug cover comes in grovel, streak, tan, mahogany and dark frequently with white markings. Boxers additionally arrive in a white cover that can’t be enlisted with a few clubs.

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