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The Beagle originated in England. The breed was made of the Harrier and other hounds. In the 14th century the Beagle came in many different sizes, the most popular being the “pocket-size”. The pocket-size could literally be picked up and placed in the hunter’s pocket. The Beagle became such a sensation for hunters and even “ladies, the aged, or the infirm” because they were easy to follow through the winding paths chasing the small game. The first mention of the Beagle was in 1862, from there the end of the 19th century proved to be beneficial to the Beagle, making them popular competitors in both field trials and conformation shows. The Beagle quickly rose to the top of America’s favorite breeds list. The Beagles we know today range from 15-25lbs in weight. The height of the Beagle is classified as the 13” variety: not exceeding 13”, 15” variety: over 13” but not exceeding 15” in height. They come in various hound colors such as lemon and white, red and white, lilac and white, and tricolor, as well as many more. The Beagle still maintains its popularity with families because of its loving nature. The beagle is full of energy, alert, intelligent, and sweet natured. They are scent hounds and are easily distracted by the scents of random game. The Beagle thrives in family environments and because of their “busy” nature they keep children on their toes, always ready to go for more fun. They have a bold personality so starting training early is ideal. Like always you should socialize them, helping them become well rounded adult dogs. The all-around happy go lucky breed makes a wonderful companion for families of all sizes and ages. The Beagle is very versatile and therefore can thrive in most environments and adapt to most life styles, if not all. The breed has a very high willingness to please, mixed with intelligence making them an easy breed to train. The Beagle has a medium/short length hound coat which hugs the body. Brushing should be done once a week to every two weeks to help remove dead fur. The Beagle is considered a minimal shedding breed. Bathing should be done as necessary. Because the coat produces natural oils essential to the coat, you do not want to over bathe. The Beagle although they have intelligence behind them as well as a high willingness to please be careful and quick to keep their attention. They can be easily distracted making working with them a tad bit uneasy. Try changing tactics during training, playing training games, and make sure you give plenty of verbal and physical praise, take frequent breaks but always be consistent. The Beagle is a typically active breed, enjoying long walks, running around the backyard (especially chasing around children) and all around just doing something with the family proves to be beneficial to the Beagle. Beagle’s like most hounds thoroughly enjoy food, so the proper exercise for the breed is essential to help them from becoming over weight. The typical life span for a beagle is 12 – 15 years. beagle puppies for sale in new jersey for sale in new jersey beagle puppies beagle puppies in new jersey for sale adorable beagle puppies for sale in new jersey beagle puppy for sale in new jersey in new jersey for sale beagle puppies in new jersey beagles puppies for sale beagle pups for sale in new jersey

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